Our Mission 

Jubilate Academy

"Music is God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to heaven."
​-Walter Landor

Jubilate Music Academy operates thanks to the cooperation of talented instructors dedicated to the musical education of our students. 

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A music education is a gift that will last our students a lifetime. Help us deliver this gift by donating. 

Jubilate Music Academy is a non-profit organization that believes in inspiring children to appreciate and learn how to develop their musical talent. We believe in the power of music to give focus and direction to youths with disabilities or from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goals for our students is to help them build confidence in themselves and in their skills, to lead them towards a bright future. We to create a youth orchestra in the South Torrance area that the local community would be proud of. 


News and events

Jinney Choi
Founder of Jubilate Academy and musician of thirty years, Jinney Choi is a composer and orchestral string conductor.


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Students at Jubilate Music Academy participate in a variety of music events in the community and elsewhere. 


      Built upon God's grace, Jubilate Christian School has inspired children from all over to appreciate and learn how to develop their musical talent. From piano to violin to understanding the performing arts, Jubilate Christian School's main goal is to create performers who have a passion for music and a love for God. Today, JCS offers a wide array of different personal one-on-one and group lessons for children of all ages.

      Sign up your child today to develop a musical talent they will never forget. 

SeungJu Kim
Orchestral conductor and composer, SeungJu Kim is also the Korean American Youth Symphony.


Joshua Sojo

Josue Sojo graduated from Los Angeles Harbor College in 2015. While there, he obtained his Associates Degree in Music, a Certificate of Skill and Achievement in Private Teaching, as well as a Certificate of Skill and Achievement in Instrumental Performance. He is currently attending California State University Fullerton working towards a Bachelor of Music in Performing Arts: Classical Guitar. He is an active member of the Young Peoples Leadership Network through the California Professional Music Teachers Association.​